The Vintage Label 1963 Candle

Introducing our 1963 Candle. Created with 100% natural organic essential oils. A spirited blend that will awaken your senses with notes of citrus zest, pine, amber and lemon balm. Fresh and lively, this scent will invigorate your soul.

These small-batch natural soy wax candles are made in Texas and hand-poured into 11 oz. glass reusable vessels. Exclusive to The Vintage Label. Burn time is approx 55 hours. Also available in select stores.

  • Top notes – lemon zest, lemon balm
  • Middle notes – pine, cedarwood
  • Base notes – bergamot, amber

*All candles will be shipped overnight to preserve structure and prevent melting in warmer weather. Please only select 1-day shipping for your candle order

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